Ensuring our Staff & our Customers Safety is & has been a Top Priority here at All Four Seasons A/C & Heating, Inc. Performing the Essential Requirements Necessary to Help Reduce the Risk of the Coronavirus is important to us. We’ve Implemented Actions to Keep our Team Healthy & Safe, so they’re Ready to Serve our Customers when Essential Services are Needed, while being diligent toward Protecting against the Coronavirus, we’re very Committed to Ensuring the Peace of Mind of our Customers and Team Members by Safeguarding Preventative Practices Such as:

    1. Service Team Members Will Wear the Appropriate Protective Gear.
      (i.e. Masks/Gloves/Shoes Covers)
    1. All Tools & Vehicles will be Sanitized Before & After Servicing Customers.
    1. Dirty Air Filters will be Discarded Properly & Safely.
    1. Shared Devices such as Tablets/Smart Phones will be Sanitized Before & After Servicing Customers.
    1. Shaking Hands is Avoided, to Reduce Person-to-Person Contact our Friendly Service Staff will say Hello & Waive.
    1. Regular Hand Washing & Sanitizing is Required, Disposing of Used Gloves & Shoe Covers will take place at the End of Each Appointment.
    1. No Team Member at All Four Seasons A/C & Heating, Inc has Traveled outside of the USA in the Past 6 Months.
    1. Our Office Staff makes it a Priority to Ensure that our Preventative Measures remain Current w/ the Centers for Disease Control & Preventative CDC Recommendations. This includes staying informed on Symptoms & Protective Measures as they become Available to the Public.

CDC Website

As a Home Service Company, we remain Focused on our Customer’s Needs, if you have any Special Requests, please don’t Hesitate to Communicate with our Office Staff during the Scheduling of your Appointment. As we all Work Together to get through these Challenging Times, we’d like to Express how Grateful our Team is for our Customers who Support All Four Seasons A/c & Heating, Inc with their Business, We are Always ready to Serve you.

Steps you can take to be more Proactive during these Challenging Times

    1. Perform Regular Maintenance
      Our Technicians will carefully Check your HVAC System to identify any Possible Issues.
    1. Install Indoor Air Purifiers
      IAQ Products are Built to Kill any Germs, VOC’s, and Airborne/Surface Contaminants.
    1. Change Air Filters Regularly
      Your Air Filter is a Major Component to Defending your home by Capturing Particles & Germs.
    1. System Replacement
      Now we are Operating our HVAC Systems for Longer Hours to Keep everyone Comfortable, Energy Bills are a lot Higher if you have an older System, this is especially True if your system is operating w/ R-22 Freon. Modern & more Efficient HVAC Systems can Significantly Reduce your Energy Bills.

Indoor Air Quality is a Concern for All of us, especially now that we’re spending so much more time Indoors, All Four Seasons A/C & Heating, Inc offers many Solutions that can Improve the Indoor Air Quality, help Fight off Germs, VOCS, and any Indoor Airborne/Surface Contaminants.

Air Scrubber & iWave Air

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