All Four Seasons A/C & Heating, Inc wants you & your Loved ones to be Comfortable Season after Season by having Peace of Mind that your HVAC System is operating Efficiently & Effectively. Just like a Car it’s important to have your HVAC System Maintained Regularly, overtime System Components can Weaken & Loose Efficiency, or Ultimately Breakdown without the Proper Attention. Being Proactive with your HVAC Maintenance has been Proven to Extend the Life Span of your System as well as Save you Time & Money, by Discovering Small issues before they Potentially Result in Major issues.

According to the Department of Energy when your HVAC System is operating at Peak Efficiency you can Save up to 30% on Energy Costs, replacing your Air Filter plays a Vital Role in your HVAC System operation. According to the Department of Energy Clogged Air Filters have increased Energy Consumption by 15%, the Clogged Air Filter causes the System to operate inefficiently as the Air Filter begins to become Restricted by Excessive Dirt & Debris, resulting in your HVAC System to work Harder & Longer to Reach the Desired Temperature set on your Thermostat. Clogged Air Filters will also allow Dirt & Debris that is to be Filtered out Recirculate back into your Home causing Chronic Allergies which could be especially Dangerous for you or any of your loved ones that Suffer from Asthma & any Respiratory Conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control Exposure to even Low Levels of Carbon Monoxide can cause Serious Health issues. The Most Common cause of Carbon Monoxide Leakage is a Cracked or Failed Heat Exchanger which only a Trained & Licensed HVAC Technician can Identify.