All Four Seasons A/C & Heating, Inc is Proud to be Part of a Legacy as an Award-Winning Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Willis Haviland Carrier Invented the First Modern Electrical Air Conditioning in 1902, solving Humanity’s most Elusive Challenge, Controlling the Indoor Environment. Early on Willis Carrier recognized that Climate, Comfort, & Production would Determine the Value of Air Conditioning. Willis Carrier was Born on November 26, 1876 in Angola, New York. In 1901 Willis Carrier earned his Engineering Degree from Cornell University, by 1911 Willis Carrier Developed a Rational Psychrometric Formulae which is the Cornerstone of all Fundamental Calculations in the Air-Conditioning Industry. Carrier Engineering Corporation was Founded in 1915 as an Independent American Company. Carrier® Leads the Industry w/ Energy Efficient Products & Manufacturing Practices, Specializing in the Manufacture & Distribution of Heating, Ventilation, & Air-Conditioned Systems. Willis Carrier was Awarded Honorary Doctorates from Lehigh University in 1935 & Alfred University in 1942. By 1985 he was Inducted in the National Inventors Hall of Fame & named one of Time Magazines “100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century” in 1998. Willis Carrier’s Legacy Encourages Us to Continue Dedicating ourselves to Creating a Positive Impact on the HVAC Industry.

Carrier Infinity™ Series: Introduces the Ultimate Expression of Carrier’s Expertise & Innovation. Infinity Systems are Considered the Top-of-the-Line Heating & Cooling Products. The Wide Range of Capabilities & Patented Technology allows this Advanced System to Synchronize your Comfort needs & Assist w/ Energy Savings to Maximize Efficiency.

Carrier Performance™ Series: Presents a Reliable, Energy Efficient, Flexible, Durable & Quite way to Heat/Cool your Space. You can squeeze a lot of Comfort & Performance out of these Deluxe HVAC Systems when Operating more Quietly than Most Dishwashers & Offering Impressive SEER Ratings.

Carrier Comfort™ Series: Presents the Most Economical way to Improve the Reliability & Efficiency of your Central HVAC System w/ Impressive SEER Efficiency Ratings. You can take Comfort knowing that you can Keep your Home Warm/Cool having an HVAC System that can Run Quieter than a Common Hair Dryer without making you Sweat about the Budget.

Air Quality Solutions

Indoor Air Quality is the Quality of Air inside your Home. Temperature, Humidity, Air Purity & Freshness are all Contributing Factors, but they are Things you usually Don’t think about until they Turn into Problems you Can’t ignore. People spend up to 90% of their time indoors Breathing in Air that is likely more Polluted than the Air Outdoors. Poor Air Quality causes Discomfort, Health Problems, Home Damages & even Higher Energy Costs when your System runs Inefficiently.

Controls & Thermostats

Your Heating & Cooling System is where you Spend most of your Energy Dollars, so Saving on your Utilities is important. Whether you’re lounging on the Couch on the other side of the Room or Lounging on a Beach on the other side of the Country, you can Control your Home Comfort from Virtually anywhere with any Wi-Fi® Thermostat from Carrier, designed to Combine Home Comfort with Reduced Energy use; Homeowners Saved an Average of 20% on their Heating & Cooling Energy Costs.

Ductless Systems

Carrier offers a Wide Selection of Ductless Mini Split Systems to Fit any need, Home, Business, or Budget with a Comprehensive Family of Options from the Infinity, Performance, & Comfort Series, you are sure to Find the Right Solution for Keeping your Home Cozy. Ductless AC Units & Ductless Heating Systems aren’t just Versatile, they are also Incredibly Efficient, with Inverter Compressor Technology, a Ductless System varies Operation as Needed to Save Energy, much like your Car’s Cruise Control.

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Carrier offers a Variety of AC units to Fit any Budget & to Keep your Home Comfortable. Select an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump equipped with Technology that Offers precise Temperature Balance & Powerful Performance. From the Company that invented Modern Air Conditioning, Carrier Split Systems have Patented Features that can Maximize your Home Comfort.


Think of your Furnace as the Heart of your Home. In the Winter, it radiates Warmth to your Living Spaces. During the Summer, it plays a Vital Role in Circulating Refreshing, Conditioned Air from your Cooling System & all Year long, your Furnace can Provide consistent Air Circulation to Keep you more Comfortable. Carrier® Gas Furnaces offer a Model to Suit every Need, with Intelligent, Multi-Stage, Variable-Speed Models in our Premium Infinity® Series, Deluxe Two-Stage choices in our Performance™ Series, & 90+% AFUE Efficient Models in our Value-Driven Comfort™ Series.

Evaporator Coils & Fan Coils

Evaporator coils are often the Misunderstood “Other Half” of a Split System. Evaporator Coils sit inside on Top of your Furnace quietly Supporting a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner outside. Fan Coils are an Economical & Durable Counterpart to an Air Conditioner or Heat Pump System when there is No Furnace Indoors to Move the Air.

Packaged Products

Carrier provides a Full Line of Packaged Roof-Top Equipment to meet demanding HVAC System Requirements, from Small Electric Cooling Units to Large Gas Heat/Electric Cooling Units whether you want to Replace an existing Air Conditioner or Heat Pump – or Reduce your Energy Costs with a Hybrid Heat® Solution – our Packaged Products could be the Creative Solution you’re Looking for.