All Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning can inspect, repair or replace any centralized heating system to help maximize your efficiency and energy consumption. If you have a gas furnace or heat pump, all heating units need servicing to ensure the best performance and lifespan. Our certified heating technicians have the knowledge and experience utilizing the latest diagnostic tools to quickly resolve your heating system problems. Proudly Servicing Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park & Los Angeles


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Maintenance Checklist


  1. Thermostat Calibrating & Leveling
  2. Clean or Replace Standard 1” Air Filters (As Needed)
  3. Monitor Fan Motor – Volts/Amps
  4. Bearing Lubrication & Wear Inspection
  5. Blower Motor Diagnostics/ Amperage Reading
  6. Blower Motor Capacitor Testing
  7. Blower Motor Bearing Inspection (Lubricate If Possible)
  8. Blower Motor Belts & Pulley Inspection (If Applicable)
  9. Blower Motor & Housing Inspection
  10. Check for Combustion Air Leaks from Return Air
  11. Electrical Connection Inspection & Tightening
  12. Test Safety Devices (Test Operation)
  13. Electrical Wiring Safety Inspection (Check for Exposed Wiring)
  14. Carbon Monoxide Check
  15. Full Inspection of Heat Exchanger
  16. Thorough Gas Leak Inspection (Check for Gas Leakage)
  17. Temperature Split Measurement (Duct Supply/ Return)
  18. Ductwork Inspection (Energy Loss Evaluation)
  19. Measure Gas Pressure & Adjust for Peak Efficiency
  20. Full Inspection of Ignition System (Test Operation)
  21. Inspect Flue Vent for Proper Ventilation


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